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Tree of Life Series

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Canopy 40 h  x 54 w inches   Inquire to purchase (too oversized for normal shipping)canopy website separator

Autotroph,  36 x 36 inches                              Old Growth , 48 x 48 inches                      Heredity,  24 x 24 inches

PURCHASE                                               Inquire    too oversized for normal shipping                            PURCHASE

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Breathe   30 x 30 inches                             Wildfire ,  18 x 18 inches                         Tree of Life 6 (a DNA Tree),  36 x 36 inches

SOLD (shop prints)                                          PURCHASE                                                         PURCHASE

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Albedo 24 x 24 inches                                              Prometheus  30 x 30 inches                            Vertical Space  30 x 60 in

PURCHASE                                                                          PURCHASE                                                            Inquire

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Rooted  12 x 12 inches                                                                In the Air  9 x 9 inches                 Springy Notion 12 x 12 inches

PURCHASE                                                                          PURCHASE                                                          PURCHASE

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Olive, 18 x 18 inches



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Series Notes

I consider the “Tree of Life” idea and its visual motifs as an important  subset of “Ecological Order“.  Each painting in the “Tree of Life” series is a different experiment with mixed media, and a different treatment of the subject. There are several ecological and bioscience themes running through the paintings in the series.   A prominent theme is evolution, and our common molecular heritage (DNA and RNA).  Tree of Life 1  , 3 , and 6 incorporate an evolution and DNA subject.  The tree represents the web of life, and the evolutionary and ecological connectivity of the species on earth.   Evolutionary connections and ecological connections are inextricably linked through natural selection, the formation of ecological niches,  and through  various ways that life forms have remodeled the Chemistry of the Earth. In other paintings in the series the role of trees as ecological regulators is explored. Trees play an important role in maintaining the interconnected fabric of life.    Mixed media textured dimensional approaches are used to create form and tree symbolism, and to evoke presence and absence in many of the paintings.   Three-dimensional textural presence is often juxtaposed with ghostly transparency or colors that usually denote negative spaces.  The combination of two disparate visual ideas intimates at the role and state of trees and vegetation in the modern world.  These life forms are critical to our survival.  They maintain the ecological balance and keep the fabric of life on Earth from unraveling.  At the same time their own ability to survive and thrive has been challenged by changes in our environment. The series includes some ink drawings that abstract tree structures, and function as studies. website separator


Abstracted Oak  Study  7×10 inches              Abstracted Birch Study    7×10 inches                   Evolutionary Tree  7×10 inches

PURCHASE                                                                              PURCHASE                                                PURCHASE

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Variation on a Cayley Tree  5×8 inches                      Silent Witness    5×8 inches                       Line Forest  4×6 inches original SOLD

PURCHASE                                                                            PURCHASE                                                           PURCHASE PRint

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Posts on the Series

Tree of Life 1 – for all the DNA people;   Exhibits in MarylandTree of Life 2 In Progress and Finished;   Tree of Life 3,4,5 In Progress;    Tree of Life 2-6 Progress
Tree of Life 3;   Tree of Life 4;   Tree of Life 5;   Tree of Life 6
Branches and TreesEvolutionary Tree

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Apparition , 12 x 12    SOLD       Breathe, 30 x 30   SOLD


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